Increased Accessibility of Resources and Opportunities

Access to basic social services is very limited among communities resulting in limiting real time impact on the poor population. HBT has been striving hard to ensure improvement on the availability of resources and services to the poor households by establishing linkages of the

community with social security schemes of the government and awareness / sensitization programs.

Major activities undertaken towards this are

  • Facilitating vulnerable households under appropriate social security measures
  • Increasing families access to proper infrastructure and basic amenities by advocacy
  • Sensitization of frontline workers viz. ASHA, Anganwadi workers and Mahila Arogya Samiti members on various government health schemes and services
  • Regular stakeholder meetings are conducted in the slums with participation of urban local bodies and community members to make the community aware about the social security measures.
  • Awareness programs are also conducted on reproductive rights of women and family planning benefit with services through street plays.
  • Towards making public health system adolescent and youth friendly and to make them aware about the sexual and reproductive health issues, Community Interface Programmes with Health and ICDS functionaries are being organized

Key Achievements

Support through social security measures-

  • 105 single women enrolled to receive pension
  • 142 elderly people facilitated to receive pension
  • 225 street vendors benefitted through PM SVANidhi scheme
  • 130 Persons with Disabilities supported to get disability certificates and pension
  • 232 poor families linked through food security measure
  • 181 unorganized labourers supported to avail labour card
  • 185 Safai karmacharies trained on general health, sexual and reproductive health and occupational safety
  • 24 health camps organized in Bhubaneswar and 960 elderly persons and persons with disabilities have been benefitted
  • 345 youth and adolescents of Bhubaneswar were trained about sexual and reproductive health and the appropriate healthcare schemes available
  • 6 adolescent girls from Bhubaneswar slums with health issues were linked to NIDAN scheme to avail free diagnosis and medicine facility

New street light installed at Budheswari Labour Colony.

Sanitisation work conducted at the Science Park community.

With HBT-CESU initiative, 40 households of Masjeed colony are now having electricity connections. They have expressed their happiness and thankfulness to Humara Bachpan Trust.