School Chalo Abhiyan

School Chalo Abhiyan

(Back to School Campaign)

Poverty is a huge deterrent to pursuing education. Low income or poor economic status often has an adverse effect on the education of a child. Low income has often resulted in children dropping out and discontinuing from formal education system.To enroll the out of school children of the urban poor households back to their schools, HBT conducts ‘School Chalo Abhiyan’ where the organization is working towards ensuring all the children of school going age are availing their educational rights. In the year 2017-18, a total of 35 children from different communities of Bhubaneswar were regularized from their discontinued elementary education.

From the Field

Nikita Nayak

11 years Nikita from a Dalit community in Kedarpalli slum of Bhubaneswar had to drop out of school due to the social stigma of untouchability. Nikita’s parents are engaged in cleaning and garbage picking work in Bhubaneswar Municipality Corporation. She was discriminated in school by her peers due to the occupation of her parents and caste. Nikita felt inferior and isolated in the school and discontinued her studies for seven months till her family was contacted under the School Chalo Abhiyan. Nikita was provided regular counselling to regenerate her interest in studies and school. Her parents were counselled as well to send her back to school. The issue of caste discrimination was brought before teachers and School Management Committee (SMC) members. Efforts were made towards averting such situations further in school. Nikita and her family understood the value of education and agreed to continue her schooling. Today Nikita is back to school and happily enjoying her educational rights.