Swachhta Abhiyan

Urban sanitation is one of the key components of HBT. ‘Clean and Green neighbourhood’ is the major advocacy agenda of HBT. As part of the ongoing mass sanitation and cleanliness programmes “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan”, HBT has conducted various activities in the slums. Apart from the regular cleanliness activities, “Swachhta Abhiyan” is conducted exclusively for a period of two months in September and October every year focusing on ensuring greener and cleaner environment as well as to improve sanitation coverage and end open defecation.

Cleanlines drives to create awareness and behaviour change with participation of 800 women, 300 children and 160 youth.
Swachhta awareness program conducted in 15 schools
Swachhta meetings organized with 1800 women from 90 women groups.
Swachhta audits to identify issues that lead people to defecate in open, access to sanitation facilities, waste management in the slums and the like.
Audit conducted in 15 slums of five wards of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation with 300 children led by 25 child leaders.
3104 households covered under door to door survey.
Press Meet on Swachhta audit findings conducted.
Communities sensitized on maintaining cleanliness in the slum and use of garbage disposal mechanisms to dump waste.
Regular cleanliness drive has been adopted in 15 slums.
Six cleanliness committees formed in six slums to regularly monitor cleanliness and sanitation practices.
Stakeholders sensitized, and regular cleaning of neighbourhoods has been ensured.
2000 children sensitized on use of clean and safe drinking water, proper sanitary system and personal hygiene management.