International Women’s Day 2024

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2024, the Humara Bachpan Trust (HBT) organized a ‘Women Entrepreneurship Camp on 11th March 2024 at the Community Centre in Ganga Nagar, Bhubaneswar. The camp saw the participation of over 200 women entrepreneurs from different communities of Bhubaneswar. Mrs. Ratnamala Swain, the first woman entrepreneur in housing and infrastructure development and the Director of D.N. Homes Private Limited, inaugurated the Women Entrepreneurs Camp.
The event was attended by various bank officials and business registration facilitators. In the process, 22 credit applications were submitted, 11 under the MUDRA loan scheme and 11 under SWAYAM by aspiring entrepreneurs to start their ventures. Additionally, 10 business registrations were made under the MSME platform, 10 PAN card applications were processed, 32 bank accounts were opened, and 5 registrations under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India were successfully completed.
In Tilori and Ghirongi villages, HBT celebrated International Women’s Day with fervor. Life Skill Certificates were awarded to 30 dedicated women from each village, recognizing their commitment to self-improvement. Guest speeches by Mr. Satendra Shrivastava and Ms. Namrata & team from AkzoNobel emphasized the importance of education and women’s empowerment, fostering a culture of progress and equality.
In another endeavor, the HBT ECRICC team orchestrated a program bringing together 170 women farmers under the theme of #InspireInclusion. This event aimed to empower women farmers and enhance their decision-making role in adopting Climate Resilient Livelihoods. The presence of Women SHG Members added significance, reflecting a collective commitment to gender-inclusive initiatives in agriculture.
In Padiabahal Panchayat, Khaprakhol block of Balangir district, stakeholders from operational blocks convened to promote equal farm decision-making, climate resilience, and support for livelihoods. With 240 female cotton farmers and 60 women weavers participating, the event resonated with enthusiasm and purpose. It showcased the collaborative efforts to equip female farmers with sustainable practices, including crop diversification.
Additionally, the HBT – Access to Justice project in Keonjhar district united 250 participants and various stakeholders, reaffirming the commitment to gender equality and justice for all. Through engaging discussions and inspiring speeches, the event underscored the importance of supporting and amplifying women’s voices.

“These celebrations were not merely events but poignant reminders of the ongoing journey towards empowerment, inclusivity, and sustainable development.”