This is the story of a 17 years old girl, Urmila Sethi who is living in OCC community of Bhubaneswar with her family. Urmila is pursuing her intermediate in Basic Science College, Bhubaneswar. During the initial sessions of girl’s life skill training, Urmila found to be very silent and withdrawn. Gradually she started interacting during the training sessions. In the feedback session of ‘Bodily Integrity’, Urmila shared that she was not comfortable with the bodily changes came in her with the onset of adolescence. She used to be in a confused state of mind and was unable to share her difficulties with anyone. The interactive sessions, role play and the friendly training atmosphere helped Urmila to overcome the situation and could able to bring good range of behavioural changes. Urmila is now a frontline peer leader of her community. She took the initiative of conducting gender audit in her community to identify the unsafe places.  The life skill training and further engagements with the adolescent girls group brought transition in Urmila and developed her leadership skill. “I act as a mentor, role model and advocate to girls just like I was, providing them with the emotional support and life skills training they need to help them make important life decisions.” Urmila Says.