Vending Cart Distribution 2023

Mayor, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Mrs Sulochana Das today distributed vending carts to 5 grassroots’ level women micro business holders in a program organized today at Humara Bachpan Trust’s office. Encouraging the gathering Madam Mayor said “Women are no more being recognized as mother, sister and daughter of someone, they have created their own identity. Becoming self reliant helps women managing their requirements as well as contributing to the family income.” She urged women to take up the scopes and opportunities being provided to make them economically reliant. 

The Founder Chairperson of Humara Bachpan Trust Dharitri Patnaik said “Humara Bachpan works towards developing entrepreneurship and employability among women in urban and rural areas of the state through its initiative SAMBHAVI. To support the women who are into street business, providing these carts is a means to improve their business activity”.

 The women vendors, being micro entrepreneurs were provided with entrepreneurial development skills to upgrade their technical and business potential so as to increase their income levels as well as to look for more remunerative alternatives”. She further added. 

FLO Chairperson Namrita Chahal discussed about the different initiatives taken up by FLO Bhubaneswar chapter in partnership with Humara Bachpan Trust. 

10 women entrepreneurs into different businesses such as ladies item selling, vegetable vending and fast food preparation were supported with vending carts in the year 2020 by Dharitri Patnaik, the Founding Chair of FLO Bhubaneswar. 

More than 50 women entrepreneurs from different communities of Bhubaneswar and HBT team members were present in the occasion.