World Environment Day 2024

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World Environment Day, observed annually on June 5th, serves as a global platform to raise awareness and promote action on pressing environmental issues facing our planet. This year, every project location of Humara Bachpan Trust (HBT) took significant steps to make the environment clean and green.

Initiatives by Humara Bachpan Trust, Bhubaneswar

In Collaboration with JIVADA, HBT launched several impactful initiatives to protect the environment


  • Cleanliness Drive: Conducted at Rajdhani College Park, involving youth, adolescents, children, and women leaders from different communities.
  • Street Plays: Organized by adolescent and youth leaders at three selected locations to spread messages about preventing the use of polythene and the importance of tree conservation.
  • Fruit-Bearing Plants Distribution: In collaboration with the Central Horticulture Experiment Station (CHES), Bhubaneswar, 35 individual households were provided with 80 fruit-bearing plants for plantation and developing kitchen gardens.
  • Awareness Sensitization Meeting: Held at Lingaraj School, followed by tree plantation activities at two schools and an Anganwadi Centre. Participants, youth, and guests took an oath to uphold environmental conservation efforts.

The program covered 18 communities and involved approximately 1,050 participants. Collaboration with CHES and BMC was key to the success of the initiatives. Notable attendees included Dr. P. Srinivash, Senior Scientist at CHES, Mr. Ajay Pradhan, Ward Officer of Ward No. 50, BMC, and Anganwadi workers Ms. Laxmi and Mrs. Kabita Swain. Shoolin Mehta, a student youth volunteer from the USA, actively participated in all activities.

HBT Parivartan Activities

Students and staff of HBT Parivartan engaged in various activities aimed at raising awareness about environmental conservation and promoting sustainable practices. The day was filled with:

  • Tree Plantation
  • Drama Performances
  • Drawing Competitions

These activities were designed to highlight the importance of environmental conservation and encourage sustainable practices among the participants. Students and staff took a pledge for environmental conservation, committing themselves to:

  • Reuse materials and reduce waste.
  • Stop using plastic and switch to eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Actively participate in local and global environmental conservation efforts.

HBT Brahmagiri Initiatives

In Brahmagiri, the HBT ECRICC team organized a plantation and cleanliness program, along with an oath-taking ceremony at the Maa Baliharachandi premises. The event was attended by the Range Officer, Forester, and Guard of Brahmagiri WildLife Range Office, social activist Ramasankar Patra, youth club members, and Palank.

Interface Program at Patnagarh

An interface program was organized at Patnagarh, bringing together district and block agriculture officials and female cotton farmers to discuss climate-resilient cotton farming. An action plan for the cropping year was prepared for three operational blocks, focusing on sustainable agricultural practices and enhancing the resilience of cotton farming to
climate change.



The celebration of World Environment Day 2024 and the various initiatives undertaken by Humara Bachpan Trust, and its people demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental conservation. These efforts aimed to raise awareness, encourage sustainable practices, and foster a cleaner, greener future.